Finding inspiration...

Yeay, finally the sophomore set from one of the freshest artists today!

The shape of things to come in the world of Hot Rodding...

Hopefully... the shape of things to come in the world of Hot Rodding.

Will blow every cell in your brain away with the sound of her voice :-O !

A lovely gal with a serious set of pipes, who writes & sings songs with a volume of real emotion.
That sweep of Grammys couldn't have gone to a more deserving artist.  Bravo, Adele, bravo &
continue to bless us with your amazing gift and heart!

Inspiring - Need to learn how to make more shtuff . . . !

Two music icons who need no intro...

Random snaps from the Cali' roadtrip 2 the Grand National Roadster Show in L.A.

Driving in L.A. really is this nuts... Usually w/ 10 times as many cars tho!

Time 2 "change the feeling underneath my feet"...  Roadtrip to SoCal & the
Grand National Roadster Show begins Friday!  . . . Love that old Citroen in the
front yard of the old white house @ 3:21 in the vid :-)

One of the most beautiful GT/Prototype racing cars of all time...

charming singer + charming residence

Pair of gnarly Hakosukas + gorgeous vintage Abarth.

Fascinating insight.

The original Jagerbomb, Turbojager (in this case, twin-turbo-jager), Akkuhappo, etc etc... 
Either way, here's around 800 shots that will **** you up for life :-D !

Steve McQueen driving @ Sebring with left foot in a cast (interview @ about 0.15).
Proof again that Steve McQueen is . . . THE FREAKIN' MAN.

Juxtaposition:  The dreamy tranquility of riding a cafe racer thru the early morning streets of Rome, with the magical madness that is Tokyo.

Serious Swagger X2

Music the way it should be, deeply organic and intensely honest.

The King of Surf Guitar...

Hmm, an eclectic juxtaposition, yes...  But I suppose that will be the theme for 2012.

Palm Trees:  On Waikiki Beach - VS - Across from a barn in Oregon.  Go figure...

Very Fresh.  Very French.  

An Art Deco work of sheer PRESENCE.  The details are drool-&-awe worthy...

True American Heroes.

Little bit of swingin' soul...

Part 356 Outlaw, part 935K3/4, part RWB, completely ridiculous.

Sultry & Bittersweet

Ray Barbee.  W.  T.  F.  :-D !

Rainbow on last morning in Waikiki...

Who says u can't visit Helsinki in Honolulu ;) ?

Everyone needs to go to Hawaii at least once in their life!

Jet lag music, Hawaiian style. 

Time is a runaway, so don't let her get away... Live w/ no regrets.

Will be here in 2 days!!!!

Just listen :-O !

Yes, an eclectic pairing.  

RWB.  Unique works of motoring art w/ hellaflush-a lotta attitude.

That SOUND!!!!!!!!!!

I gotta good feeling about Crisp.

Just to prove it, let's go even more ol' skool w/ F1 ;)

Ol' skool F1 beats today's DRS, KERS, Bernie the dinosaur circus anyday!

Ciao, SuperSic :-(

Classic influence that sounds fantastically fresh in a contemporary world.

Classic Bugattis - always fresh and inspiring.

Lola T70s @ the Portland Historics.  Hot couple, wouldn't u say ;) ?

Driver's dream...

This was supposed to be economical...but who really cares when it has an Aprilia RSV4 :-P

Every day the kids w/ the pumped up kicks are shufflin'...

This song + these cinematics = drive me crazy :-)

That VW.  Love @ 1st Sight.  Song is the shiz, too.

If the A6GCS Berlinetta was reborn w/ the V12 from an MC12 Corsa...

Katy Perry...never fails to put a smile on my face :-)

The man, the myth, the musical genius...